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Arizona Cardinals offseason: Tom Moore says Bruce Arians 'is a winner'

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The new assistant head coach talks about his new job and fixing the Cardinals offense

NFL pundits all around are lauding the hiring of offensive guru Tom Moore as assistant head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. He spoke to XTRA 910's Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki on Wednesday and they discussed how he is going to fix the offense that was the worst in football in 2012 and his role on the staff.

Moore was quoted again as saying that he "hit the lottery" with this job. He is very excited about working with Bruce Arians. "Bruce is a winner, and I wanted to work for a winner," said Moore.

Moore said that his role on the staff is something more of another set of eyes. Arians is going to call plays, so Moore said that he is going to help out wherever he can in game planning and coaching the players.

The recurring theme he has been talking about with the offense is learning the players' strengths. Moore said that the staff is taking a lot of time right now in evaluation before they start putting a plan together.

"Everybody has strengths," he said. "What you want to do is find those strengths and maximize them."

He also talked about working with Peyton Manning, and how he was able to have freedom to call plays he saw that would work, even from about the second day of practice. Will the Cards' next quarterback have that sort of freedom? If so, it probably will mean something good.

I know this says a lot of the same things that he said in his introductory press conference, but it just reinforces what was said before.

The most interesting answer to me was the one he didn't really answer at all, and that was about the evaluation of the quarterbacks already on the roster. He neatly sidestepped that one.

What are your thoughts on the interview? Tell us what you think.

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