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ROTB Roundtable: Field Dimensions, Free Agent QBs, and Kolb's Contract

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As the league starts to move into draft-mode, the Arizona Cardinals still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Christian Petersen

The ROTB Writing Staff took their swing at three of them.

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1) The NFL recently revealed a proposal to widen the field 35 yards (From 160 feet to 195 feet). Are you in favor of the idea?

Tyler Nickel: No thanks. Just keep the game the way it is. If they widen the field, the entire strategy changes.

Alex Mann: I am... I watch Canadian Football and I love the way the field is set up. I don't see that it'd be a big thing with most fanbases and even some players, but there's also some more changes that would have to be made. First would the the downs... It'd have to go from 4 to 5. You'd also have to take into account the kickoffs. If they want to reduce the concussions they'd also have to move it again.

Jess Root: It is an interesting idea, but seems a bit drastic. If anything, they should try moving the hash marks like they have them in college. No need to change the entire field, which would only bring logistical problems for stadiums.

2) Reports indicate Head Coach Bruce Arians may want to bring in a Free Agent QB. Who would you like the most?

Tyler Nickel: Drew Stanton, the proposed addition, would be okay with me. I'm actually partial to Matt Moore, who I think would work well in Arians' system

Alex Mann: I really want to see Matt Moore, Drew Stanton, and possibly Tavaris Jackson, as well as Brian Hoyer again. I really think they have talent enough to start on a team in the NFL, let alone Arizona. We saw Moore drive the Dolphins comeback in 2011, Tavaris Jackson really turn it on with Marshawn Lynch in Seattle, Drew Stanton showed promise in his limited playing time in Detroit, and Hoyer should promise in his lone start in Arizona.

Jess Root: I don't love any of them, unless Joe Flacco hits the market. Matt Moore might be a decent pickup, but Alex Smith is the best guy out there if he gets released. Brian Hoyer is a good guy to bring back, andRex Grossman loves to throw the deep ball. Ha! That would be worth the price of admission.

3) If Kolb's contract isn't restructured, do you think it'll be worth keeping him on?

Tyler Nickel: No and I don't think the Cards will. It's not worth paying him another $11 million for six more games of Kolb.

Alex Mann: This is a tough one... I think he's a Cap Casualty if he doesn't restructure, though he probably will, Arians will look long and hard about how much Kolb really wants to remain with the Cardinals.

Jess Root: Let me put it this way, if he doesn't restructure, he will be cut. I don't think he'll be back any other way.