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PFT's Mike Florio says Tim Tebow is better than any of the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks

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We all know that the Cards need to figure out the quarterback position, but really? Tim Tebow?

Pro Football Talk and Mike Florio turned their focus on the Arizona Cardinals and new head coach Bruce Arians. Not surprisingly, the focus was on the quarterbacks. The offensive line and Darnell Dockett were the other topics of focus. Not surprisingly, Florio said that all the quarterbacks on the roster "stink."

He acknowledged that Kevin Kolb showed potential, but believes that the team has to go elsewhere. The surprise? He talks about Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow almost in the same breath.

"I actually heard at one point that maybe the Arizona Cardinals would be interested in Tim Tebow," said Florio. "That was last year. We'll see what happens this year whether or not Tim Tebow is in the mix. But I'll tell you this -- Tim Tebow is better than any of the guys they have on their roster."

Wait...wait...ok. Laugh!

Yes, clearly John Skelton and Ryan Lindley looked bad. But what exactly has Tebow shown to tell us otherwise when it comes to playing quarterback?

I also have a hard time thinking that the Cardinals every were interested in Tebow at all. After all, they were courting Peyton Manning. Why would they target Tebow after that?

Florio also focused on the offensive line and then what to do with Darnell Dockett, referring to the alleged spitting drama. He suggests that Dockett is a problem but could be a Warren Sapp-type player for the defense.