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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals draft picks clarified, sort of

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What did the Arizona Cardinals ultimately pick up in the A.J. Jefferson trade?

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When the Arizona Cardinals traded cornerback A.J. Jefferson to the Minnesota Vikings just before the regular season in 2012, the information was not disclosed. The Cards had traded Jefferson and an undisclosed pick for an undisclosed pick. That undisclosed information reportedly is now known, but two different places tell me two different things.

Bruce Cooper, in his attempt to play GM for the Cardinals, said that the Cards picked up two sixth round picks for Jefferson and their own seventh rounder, giving the team eight draft picks in six rounds.

However, according to Tom Pelissero, The Vikings sent the Cards the sixth round pick that belonged to the Tennessee Titans, who had sent that pick to the Vikes in 2012. Essentially, The Cards sent Jefferson away, who was probably going to be cut, to move up a round in the draft.

That would mean, before the league doles out compensatory picks (I don't know if the Cards will be due one), Arizona will have seven picks in the draft, one in each of the first five rounds, two in the sixth and none in the seventh, that is unless Cooper's information is correct. That would mean they traded Jefferson to move up a round AND pick up sixth rounder as well.

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