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Oakland Raiders could cut Carson Palmer, who could be fit in Arizona

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The former Bengals quarterback had himself a decent year. How would that have looked in Arizona?

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Now that we are in the NFL offseason, The biggest news tends to be related to salary cap casualties, the NFL Draft and free agency, which begins in a month. Regarding the first category -- salary cap casualties -- there could be a quarterback the Arizona Cardinals might want to look at, and it isn't Alex Smith. Think about Carson Palmer.

According to Yahoo's "Shutdown Corner" offseason reports, the Oakland could cut ties with Palmer and his bulky contract, giving Terrelle Pryor a shot to lead the team. Palmer is due to make $13 million in 2013 and holds a cap number of over $15 million.

If Palmer were to hit the open market, that would immediately change the quarterback market. As of right now, the biggest names available include such players as Matt Moore and perhaps Alex Smith, if the San Francisco 49ers cut him.

Palmer threw for over 4000 yards in 2012, with 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He is not young at age 33, but he is certainly not washed up. He can throw the deep ball. He can make throws in tight windows. He would quickly become the best quarterback available.

Arizona's QBs combined for 11 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, three and 18 if you remove Kevin Kolb from the equation.

Palmer's name was brought up in 2010 when he was "retired" from the Bengals as a possibility for the Cardinals to acquire, and Kurt Warner believed that Palmer would be a great fit. Based on what we know about head coach Bruce Arians, Palmer would not be a bad option. And at age 33, he could either be a quick bridge to someone the team wants to develop or a solution for a few seasons.

Obviously, $13 million is probably not what the Cards would want to pay him, but if he is cut, there is no reason why he has to be paid that much.

What do you think? Would Palmer immediately be a better option than anyone else out there in free agency? And would you want him anyway?

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