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Peter King believes Kevin Kolb out, Greg Toler in for Arizona Cardinals

The new head coach and the team must make a decision in the next month on Kolb without being able to meet with him

On Thursday, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio got the debate juices going when he brought up the name Tim Tebow and connected him to the Arizona Cardinals. PFT was talking about the Cardinals on Friday again, only this time it was longtime NFL writer Peter King giving his take on what the Cards will do this offseason.

Naturally the first thing to discuss was the quarterback situation, and he believes that

"I get the sense that Bruce Arians thinks he is not the answer," said King about Kolb, who is due a ton of money in 2013 if there is no renegotiated deal. And the hard part is that Arians will not be able to bring in Kolb to discuss football with him until April, which means that a decision on Kolb will have to be made based on game tape only. March 15 is when Kolb is due another $2 million roster bonus.

After Kolb, the team's free agents were discussed. King feels that cornerback Greg Toler will be a priority for the Cards.

"I think Toler is a guy who the Arizona Cardinals are going to try very hard to sign," he said. "This guy is a great special team player and an above average corner and I think they're going to try hard to keep him above all."

King is not the only person that believes Toler is a guy to keep for Arizona. ESPN's Field Yates designates Toler as a "must keep" player.

So...Kolb out and Toler in? But Toler is not the answer at quarterback, at least I don't think so.

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