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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals to make pretty good selection in first round

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In a different sort of set of projections, the Cardinals make a pick that people will like.


When it comes to the NFL Draft, teams tend to develop a sort of identity with the picks they make. This makes it a little bit easier to make mock draft projections, at least to some extent. Finally we have a mock draft that doesn't actually pick players, but projects the draft player profile that each team will target.

As such, you can tell that the Cardinals have earned the respect of other in their selections.

With the seventh pick, the Cards are projected to draft "surprisingly, a pick you really like."

I like that. It shows that the Cards have been taking players that people like on draft day. They don't all work out, but there aren't many that look at their picks and think, "huh?"

Levi Brown was a consensus reach when he was drafted, but the general consensus has been since then that people think, "hey, I like that player there," with the drafting of players like Patrick Peterson, Dan Williams, Beanie Wells, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Michael Floyd.

As for other teams, these are all quite entertaining.

The Raiders? The fastest guy in the draft. The Jets? "Booo!" The Saints? A guy you think will turn the defense around, but never does. The Seahawks? Someone you may never have heard of, literally.

Give it a read from top to bottom, you will chuckle a few times.

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