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Bruce Arians ready to have the 'target on his back' as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals

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In a Q&A with Fox Sports Arizona, Bruce Arians talks about some of the challenges of being a first time head coach, calling the plays and the personnel he will be working with.

Christian Petersen

Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona recently sat down with new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians to ask him a multitude of questions regarding his new job. Some of his answers were pretty run of the mill responses that we have already heard from him, but others were very interesting and could cause fans to look into them a bit more.

For example, while Arians held firm on the idea that he will call the offensive plays, he did say that at some point, he could hand those duties over to offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin. "It may come to that (point where) I'm comfortable letting (offensive coordinator) Harold Goodwin do it."

Given how much he has spoken about Goodwin and his relationship with him, I am surprised that he would not be 'comfortable' with the idea of him calling them right from the beginning. The stress of being a new head coach is enough (which is something Arians doesn't seem too worried about) without having to call plays.

So we know Arians is a very confident person. He does not back down from a challenge. That is why he agreed to take the head coaching job of a currently struggling franchise. But being a head coach of a pro football team comes with more stress than simply being a coordinator or being the head coach of a smaller college program. Then again, we do have to remember that he was the interim head coach of the Colts last season and managed to do it all. Regardless of that, Arians says that he is ready for the fans and media, along with the other pressures that come with his new position.

"I love that part. I love having the target on my back. When we win, the players will win and when we lose, I will lose the game," he told Morgan.

Arians also said that he has seen "flashes" from Beanie Wells on tape, but that he would have liked to have, "seen a lot more out of him." He doesn't seem to be buying the fact that Beanie is constantly injured and will continue to watch his tape and wait to talk to him. It is surprising that Beanie has not been in contact with him yet, as CBA rules do not prevent him from calling his new coach.

It was also interesting how Arians plans on handling players and their use of social media. Specifically, how he plans on wrangling in Darnell Dockett, who has been known to be very opinionated on platforms such as Twitter. With that, Arians says he will leave it up to the players to decide how they want to handle that part of their lives. He is going to treat them like adults, just as Ken Whisenhunt did. It's probably the right approach to take given the characters he is working with.

Last but certainly not least, Arians had some very high words for his new team. In fact, he believes the Arizona Cardinals have more talent on their roster than the Indianapolis Colts. "This football team is so much better than we were with the Colts. We were drafting starters on offense in Indy. We had 37 new faces when we walked out there. Guys were still learning each other's names," Arians said. "I don't see that here. This is a very talented football team. This team is very, very close to going back to winning."

The thing is, it all ends up pointing right back at the quarterback position. The skill players may not have been as good in Indy as they are here in Arizona, but Andrew Luck is a far better signal caller than anything Arizona can offer.

So, with Arians, expect a team that is run with tight reins on the field, but allowed to do as they please off of it. He will handle each player differently, but at the same time, each will be treated as adults. Arians is a straight shooter, something that wasn't always the case with Whisenhunt. He liked to beat around the bush a bit more.

The more I read about Arians, the more I like his style. What about you? Does this interview change your opinion of the new Cardinals head coach? For better or for worse? Tell us in the comments section below.

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