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CBS Sports calls Greg Toler an 'under the radar' free agent

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Pete Prisco of CBS Sports labels Greg Toler as an under the radar free agent.

Kevin C. Cox

Yesterday, you saw that I posted an article on Mike Sando of ESPN calling Greg Toler of the Cardinals a priority for them to keep in free agency. He is unrestricted, which means he is free to go anywhere. But he isn't expected to command an overwhelming amount of money because A. he isn't that well known and B. he has his fair share of injury issues.

One person that knows all about Toler's talent is Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. The Arizona State Sun Devil alum put together a great post complete with pictures and diagrams detailing Toler's ability. He calls Toler a value player that could eventually become a very good cover corner.

He cites examples from the Cardinals' games against the Dolphins, Lions and Falcons. He even brings up the big 51-yard touchdown pass he gave up to Chris Givens of the Rams, where Prisco says Toler simply got caught looking in the Rams' backfield.

It will be interesting to see what teams offer him in free agency. They would be banking a lot on potential and that he can stay healthy. For that, he will not be seeing top dollar. But the Cardinals, as I said yesterday, would be wise to retain him. They have little depth at the cornerback position as it is and should consider making cuts elsewhere on the team to keep Toler on board.

The more we look around, the more we see NFL writers hopping on the Toler bandwagon. So if he wasn't known before, he certainly is going to be now.

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