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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Luke Joeckel somehow falls to Arizona Cardinals

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This week's SB Nation mock provides the biggest surprise we have seen in the draft season.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel has long been considered the best tackle in the draft this year. Arizona Cardinals fans long for him to somehow fall to the Arizona Cardinals and the seventh pick in the draft. However, most mock draft projections have him going as high as number one overall, and always within the first four picks.

The latest mock draft by SB Nation, though, has this perfect storm of a scenario occur -- Jockel drops all the way to number seven, where the Cardinals then snap him up before anyone else can.

Just how does the best player fall to this point in the draft? I don't do trades in mock drafts, but Arizona could be the team Kansas City finds as a trade partner. Arizona would get a franchise left tackle and the Chiefs would stay in the top 10. There has been some momentum for Mike Glennon here, but it's looking less likely quarterbacks will be a hot commodity early in the draft. Of course, that could change when we get more information on which players teams are after. this is almost expecting a trade that lands the Cardinals the top pick overall. Seems unlikely.

The Cardinals aren't going to trade up to get Joeckel, especially when Eric Fisher is going to be there. Add that to the fact that there is practically no scenario in which Joeckel goes that deep.

Either way, the Cards don't end up with him. However, if this were to happen, this changes everything.

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