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2/2 Arizona Cardinals news: Rod Graves talks, Bruce Arians talks, drafting Matt Barkley

Some Cardinals and NFL links to start your Super Bowl Eve.

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On the Friday before the Super Bowl, there was a lot going on. Former general manager Rod Graves made some noise talking about Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals. Bruce Arians spoke to a few media members as well. Also, there is a football game Sunday and today there will be Hall of Fame announcements.

Check out the links to start off the day:


Cardinals coach Arians: Kevin Kolb is good, have to protect him
I'm looking forward to meeting with Kevin and we'll cross that bridge as soon as we have to. I've seen enough film to know that he is good enough, but we have to protect him a lot better. When he is healthy, he has had some good moments. He has had some not-so-good moments. We have to protect him better, run the ball better.

Former Cardinals GM Graves: Kolb has ability, coaching staff has to adapt to him
"I think that Kevin is a guy that has ability, but the coaching staff has got to be willing to adapt to what he's capable of doing," Graves said. "I think he's more of a West Coast-style type of quarterback."

Word From the Birds Blog | Aeneas and a Hall of Fame race with Warner
Who will be the first Arizona Cardinal to make it into the Hall of Fame? That could be an interesting race.

Catching up with Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians | Insiders
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians spent considerable time on radio row here in New Orleans, and I caught up with him for a few minutes afterward he made the rounds.

A few minutes with Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim | Insiders
First, coach Bruce Arians dropped by the media center at Super Bowl 47. General Manager Steve Keim just took a spin around the room, and I caught up with him for a few questions.

Time for a new Barkley Era in Phoenix ? | Insiders
The former USC quarterback is coming off a rough ending to his collegiate career. Once hailed for his decision to return for his senior season, Barkley endured an unexpected nightmare in Southern California.

A few minutes with Arizona's Bruce Arians - NFC West Blog - ESPN
I caught up with new Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians near radio row in the New Orleans Convention Center and wanted to pass along thoughts from him on this Friday before Super Bowl XLVII.


Super Bowl 2013 preview: Ravens vs. 49ers, a graphical breakdown -
The game of the millennium of the year is finally here.

What is Alex Smith doing right now? Feb. 1 -
It's tough to be in a new city. You can never find what you're looking for.

Super Bowl 2013: Ray Lewis, neither sinner nor saint -
Is Ray Lewis a murderer? No. But he was present when a double murder occurred. Robert Wheel looks at the 13-year-old case to assess Lewis's complicated off-field legacy.

Super Bowl Judgment: How to not drink like a chucklehead during the big game -
Over the course of TAILGATE JUDGMENT, we found many faults with your drinking habits. Here, we see how you've been drinking, and give you one last chance to get it right.

Art Modell's polarizing legacy complicating Hall of Fame bid -
Art Modell's impact on the NFL is shrouded in gray, but we've learned time and again that individuals aren't really allowed to be complex characters when it comes to a kitschy plaque.

Super Bowl recipes: Spilly made you a pie -
Ready to impress your party with a delicious pie? This probably isn't it, but Spilly tried!

Super Bowl 2013: Roger Goodell talks player safety -
During a press conference at the Super Bowl on Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on a number of topics, including player safety. Goodell called for fundamental changes to the way players tackle.

Super Bowl 2013: Can CBS handle network television's crown jewel? -
Why the Tiffany network is the worst fit with The Big Game.

Adrian Peterson Eyes MVP, 2,500 Yards: 'You Gotta Expect The Impossible' - Daily Norseman
Before the MVP awards are announced, Adrian Peterson tells Amy K. Nelson why he thinks he'll rush for 2500 yards next year and why he will be disappointed if he isn't named MVP.

Super Bowl 2013: Harbaugh press conference features Jim ready for business - Niners Nation
We take a look at some of the comments from Friday's Harbaugh brothers press conference. All indications are that Jim Harbaugh is officially over the media week and ready for Sunday.

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