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Former GM Rod Graves discusses Arizona Cardinals and NFL Draft, Kevin Kolb

The former Cardinals GM is now giving his thoughts on the Cardinals and the NFL Draft

The Arizona Cardinals fired Rod Graves as their general manager because of the direction of the team. However, now that he is no longer employed by an NFL team, it makes him the perfect guy to tell everyone how he would do the job that he lost. He was a guest on CBS Sports and got to give his thoughts on the team, its direction, what it should do in the draft and he even gave some thoughts on Kevin Kolb, suggesting that he was not suited for what the coaching staff wanted to do offensively.

Regarding Kolb, he subtly placed the blame for Kolb's performance, or lack thereof, on Ken Whisenhunt and the previous offensive staff.

He pointed out the obvious fact that the team need to keep Kolb healthy. Then he pointed to adapting to his supposed skill set.

"I think that Kevin is a guy that has ability, but the coaching staff has got to be willing to adapt to what he's capable of doing," he said. "I think he's more of a West Coast-style type of quarterback."

This is nothing new. He played in that system in Philadelphia with the Eagles. However, the issue with saying that is this. If he was not a match for what he knew Whisenhunt wanted to do offensively, why did Graves make the trade?

Graves said that new coach Bruce Arians can have success with him. "If Bruce is sort of able to corner that and really get him to an area of comfort, I think they've something to work with," he added. He also went on to say that he felt that the team really still needs to draft a quarterback as well.

With regards to the draft, Graves said that the Cardinals "would greatly benefit from" trading down a few picks in the first round to grab some later round picks and still land offensive line talent, "or even better for them, an edge rusher."

Of course, that is easier said than done. You have to have a team looking to move up. What is almost funny about Graves saying that is the fact that the last time Graves traded down in the first round, he ended up passing on Terrell Suggs for some reason.

What was Graves' draft philosophy? Taking the best player Levi Brown! (I kid).

Graves obviously had some success with the draft and his failures. However, the one thing that bothers me is what he said about Kolb. Did he trade for Kolb and give him a lot of money, only to know he wasn't going to fit? That doesn't make sense.

Graves had to have known that Whisenhunt was not going to change his offense to a West Coast style. That was never going to happen.

Just how much of Graves' comments are you you are welcome believe?

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