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Arizona Cardinals offseason: Bruce Arians feels Kevin Kolb 'is good enough'

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He is ready to go and get the staff finalized, as well as start working on the quarterback position

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Arizona Cardinals head coach is in New Orleans and has been working the media for a few days now. He stopped to chat with ESPN's Mike Sando and AZCentral's Kent Somers, giving some insight on when is happening next.

Regarding the quarterback position, he pointed out to Sando that Kevin Kolb could certainly do the job he wants the quarterback to do, albeit without thinking he is a star. "I've seen enough film to know that he is good enough, but we have to protect him a lot better," he said about Kolb.

The one knock on Kolb that people mention is his ability to throw the ball down the field like Arians will want to do. Based on what Arians told Somers, he is not worried about the arms on the roster. "They've all shown the ability to put it up the field," said Arians. "So I don't think that's going to be any problem."

For those of you who were wondering about Freddie Kitchens as quarterbacks coach, Arians explained his strengths. He explained, "Freddie will do a fabulous job with the fundamental part of it, take them out to what I call the driving range, working on their fundamentals 40-45 minutes every day."

One of the things he brought up in both interviews was the need to protect the quarterback, but he did not believe that the cupboard was bare, so to speak, with offensive line talent. He was seen "a lot more good" than he expected with the line. "We get some guys healthy, it's not as dire as some might make it out to be," he elaborated. "And some young guys have a chance to play who might be all right."

He was referring in part to Bobby Massie and Nate Potter.

He has a lot to do and he has already started. He has an iPad full of film to begin evaluating players. He is going to finalize his staff. When will things start happening? "Everything will start Wednesday."

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