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2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame class: Aeneas Williams does not make the final 5, Curley Culp inducted

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The star Cardinals cornerback makes it to the final 10, but does is denied induction this year.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Hall of Fame class is in, and former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Aeneas Williams is not part of it. After making the cut to be among the final 10 finalists, he is not selected to be one of the five modern era candidates to make it in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

However, the Cardinals did not go unrepresented. Senior candidate defensive lineman Curley Culp was chosen to be in this year's class.

Who made it?

There were three first-time candidates who made it in, and each one of them deserved it. Offensive linemen Jonathan Ogden and Larry Allen, as well as defensive lineman Warren Sapp all made it on the first ballot. Wide receiver Cris Carter and former coach Bill Parcells were the other inductees.

Culp was a senior nominee along with David Robinson.

Williams deserves to make it in, and he eventually will. Although he did not get the press because of playing for the Cardinals when they were terrible, he intercepted 55 passes in his career and is easily the best cornerback not named Deion Sanders of that era. In fact, removing Sanders' punt return abilities, Williams could arguably be better than Sanders on the defensive side of the ball. He was every bit the cover player, but he also was physical and was a great tackler, something Sanders never was.

Aeneas Williams definitely deserves to be in the Hall. It just won't be this year. It will happen, but with some great new candidates coming down the pike, it could end up being a while.

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