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Arizona Cardinals have one of the lowest follower counts on Twitter

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I guess it matches the actual fan base...


One of the best parts about Twitter is that you can follow your favorite sports teams and the players that play for them. I personally follow all of the Cardinals players, including Larry Fitzgerald, who is by far the most popular player on the team. tracks the Twitter behavior of all the NFL teams, including many of the players that play for those teams. As you may or may not have already known, Fitz has just under 1.5 million followers on Twitter. While we may think that's a lot, Chad Johnson, affectionately known as Ochocinco, has 4.7 million, more than any NFL player. The thing is, Ochocinco was not even on an NFL team last season.

Fitz comes in as the seventh most followed NFL player behind names such as Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. But although Fitz may rank among the most popular, his team does not. The Arizona Cardinals rank near the bottom of the NFC in mentions of their team, beating out the Rams and Buccaneers by slim margins.

As for follower count, the Cards trail the Bucs and Rams. With just under 44,000 followers, the Cards are near the bottom in that category as well.

Here is the graphic in case you wanted to see all the stats.

Who Do NFL Stars Follow
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