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2013 NFL salary cap could increase by over $1 million

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This additional money will boost teams looking to make improvements for next season.


It had long been speculated that the 2013 NFL salary cap would be flat, but now there is a report that the number is expected to go up by as much as $1.5 million, allowing teams a little more salary flexibility that was previously projected.

The cap for 2012 was right around $121 million, but according to a report by Pro Football Talk,the 2013 cap could be more than $122 million.

Of course, numbers have not been finalized, but the NFLPA expects a bump in the cap, based on league revenue. The league and union will meet in Indianapolis during this week's Scouting Combine to work on the 2013 salary cap.

If the number does move upwards from the current projection, that would come as a relief to a number of NFL teams currently pressed tightly against the $121 million projection. A SB Nation survey of individual teams' cap situations for 2013 showed more than two-thirds of the league within $10 million of the projected number. Since then, teams have been cutting players to free cap space ahead of the March 12 deadline to be in compliance with the cap.

The Cardinals are expected to need to make some contract moves to get under the cap in March. Having an extra million dollars or so could determine whether a particular player gets cut or not, if only for the simple reason than for money. That possibility allows for greater flexibility, allowing for some football decisions to trump cap issues.

An increase this year was unexpected. The NFLPA expects to see some greater increases in the years to come as new TV revenue is added. Teams like the Cardinals may get to adjust their plans soon.

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