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Former Arizona Cardinals OC Mike Miller reportedly headed to Canadian League

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Mike Miller is employed once more, but in Canada.

Christian Petersen

Former Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator Mike Miller took a lot of heat from fans here. He was part of Ken Whisenhunt's offensive staff that was let go just after the team's final game of the season. However, he has reportedly landed on his feet, as he will be coaching in the Canadian Football League, according to XTRA 910's Mike Jurecki.

Hawkins replaced Marc Trestman, who was hired by the Chicago Bears as their new head coach. Trestman also was OC for the Cardinals at the turn of the century, working with Arizona when Jake Plummer was the starting quarterback.

If history repeats itself, Miller might find himself back in the NFL, but it will take about a decade in Canada.

You now can cue up the jokes about how he did so poorly at his job here that he was run out of the country.

Yep. I did it. I said that.

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