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2012 Release Players I'd Give a Second Look

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These guys didn't make the cut, but they have the potential and talent to make an NFL Roster.

Christian Petersen

I went back an watched some Preseason games last season, looking for individuals who impressed me enough that I would give a second chance to... A few didn't make the Preseason Roster but still impressed me whilst in College and I would give one more chance to make an NFL Roster.

Richetti Jones: Came into Arizona last year as a Undrafted Rookie looking to make his way into our deep linebacking unit. This is what Coach Whiz wanted. New regime means new changes. Jones played Defensive End for OSU. He comes in at 6'3, 275. His career stats at OSU weren't eye popping, but he has a non stop motor and always finds a way into the backfield. With Dockett nearing the end of his career, and all his other attitude problems, Jones could develop behind him very well.

Blake Gideon: We saw him in Preseason, and was very impressive. However he became the odd man out in a deep Safety position. He's currently on the Broncos roster with a "future contract" but again could be the odd man out of their secondary, although it did struggle.

Tyler Lantrip: Came in on a Tryout basis last year. Replaced San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick in Nevada. He's always been an under the rated player, and other than his inability to read a defense in Rookie Minicamp last year, his fundamentals looked good. Nice footwork, good deep throw, (could use a little work)... By far better than Ryan Lindley.