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Arizona Cardinals need NFL Draft to fix quarterback situation

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Former GM Bill Polian says free agency won't do it.


It has been said a gazillion times. The Arizona Cardinals have to fix the quarterback position. The team will do everything it can to do that, whether it be in free agency, Kevin Kolb not getting hurt anymore or drafting a guy. However, according to former Indianapolis Colts general manager, now an ESPN analyst, free agency is not the way for the Cardinals to fix things.

In a recent ESPN Insider article, Polian went through the offseason needs for all 32 NFL teams. He wrote this about the Cards:

Quarterback is by far the most pressing need, but as with other teams on this list that lack a signal-caller, it doesn't look like it can be filled through free agency. Since that's the case, offensive line is the next area to explore on the free-agent market. The Cardinals gave up a league-high 58 sacks in 2012.

Now, regarding free agency, if we are talking straight free agents, this makes sense. The top of the free agent class includes guys like Matt Moore, Rex Grossman and Matt Leinart. There are simply guys who have started before.

If he is including future cuts, that could include players like Alex Smith, Carson Palmer or Matt Hasselbeck.

Is free agency the way to solve the team's quarterback issues? Probably not. It could take a trade or a draft pick. Of course, Kevin Kolb might be the answer, only he has to actually play and not get hurt.

Free agency might be the way to find a solid backup, but a starter would be a little much to ask.

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