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The Arizona Cardinals could be a candidate for a draft day trade

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The Cardinals could have the chance to take a lineman at #7 and a quarterback later on in the first round of the draft.


One of the biggest debates among Cardinals fans is in regards to whether the team should take an offensive lineman or a quarterback with the seventh overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. There is plenty of talent that could be available at seven in terms of offensive line, but many feel that taking a QB that high might be a reach.

So what if the Cardinals had the opportunity to get that lineman they need while also taking the QB they covet?

CBS Sports writer Will Brinson mocked just that in his latest mock draft. He has the Cardinals taking Eric Fisher, offensive tackle from Central Michigan at #7, while then trading back into the first round with the Patriots at #29 to select Mike Glennon, quarterback from North Carolina State.

While this sounds great, there are a couple of questions that come along with it. First, will Glennon even be available at that point? The Pats and Bill Belichick are always looking to trade out of the first round, so the Cards would have a logical trade partner. But teams far before the 29th pick could have already selected Glennon.

Also, is Glennon someone that is even on the Cardinals' radar? Sure, we hear all about how he has a big arm and would be a fit with Bruce Arians' offense, but that doesn't mean they like him.

Personally, I don't like the deal. The Cardinals would have to give up too much compensation to grab a rookie QB that isn't even considered an elite prospect by draft analysts. After giving up so many picks to get Glennon, the Cards wouldn't have any selections to fill the other holes on their roster.

Would you be okay with the Cardinals doing this? Is Glennon a guy they should target? Is Fisher a good pick at 7? Discuss any and everything draft in the comments section below.

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