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ESPN calls Campbell best Cardinals draft pick in five years, Cody Brown the worst

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The Cardinals have seemingly been boom or bust in the NFL Draft over the past half-decade.

Otto Greule Jr

The Arizona Cardinals have been a very good team when it comes to drafting over the past decade. They have acquired stars like Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett, Daryl Washington, Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson and others in that time.

But when looking at it through a 5-year scope, which player has been the best? Well, Mike Sando from ESPN thinks it has to be Calais Campbell, the Cards' second rounder from 2008. Campbell came out of Miami where he was a stud sack specialist and has only improved in the NFL. An argument can be made for Daryl Washington, but as Sando notes, teams tend to value a tremendous lineman over a linebacker.

When looking for the worst player, you really don't have to search far. Cody Brown never played a single snap for the Cardinals after being taken in the second round of the 2009 draft. He was supposed to be a big time sack specialist, but instead, he ended up bouncing around the league for a bit before finally calling it quits. He never saw a regular season down while with the Cards, Jets or Lions.

But Ryan Williams cannot be forgotten. He has already done more than Brown, but if he doesn't start seeing some more snaps by staying healthy, he could wind up a bust as well. That's why Sando put him in the 'verdict pending' column. We don't know yet if he will be able to stay healthy and be a key contributor or if he will join Cody Brown looking for a job outside of the NFL.

I don't disagree with any of Sando's picks. They are all sound. As I said, an argument could be made for D-Wash as the best player, but Campbell is a good selection as well.

What do you think? Who has been the best Cardinals draftee over the past 5 years? The worst? Tell us in the comments section below.

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