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2013 NFL Draft: QB Geno Smith a realistic option for the Arizona Cardinals?

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Cardinals GM Steve Keim seems to be a fan of quarterback Geno Smith from West Virginia.


Will the Cardinals draft a quarterback this offseason?

That is a question at the top of most people's minds as we get ready for the Combine this weekend and the NFL Draft in April. Many names have been floated around, including Matt Barkley from USC, Geno Smith from West Virginia, Tyler Wilson from Arkansas and Mike Glennon from NC State. But at this point, it's hard to tell which ones the Cards have valid interest in.

General Manager Steve Keim spoke from the site of the NFL Combine yesterday, saying that for the quarterback, it is just as much about putting them in a position to succeed as it is about their raw talent. Per Dan Kadar from Mocking the Draft:

Nothing Keim said there was untrue. Many quarterbacks are made or broken through the pieces that are put around them, including the offensive line and wide receivers. So what QB could the Cardinals have in mind, should they decide Kevin Kolb is not the answer? How about Geno Smith from WVU. He is considered the top quarterback in this draft according to many draft pundits and could easily fall to the seventh overall pick, where the Cards will make their selection.

With Geno, the Cardinals would presumably be getting a big time quarterback with a big arm, good accuracy and the willingness to lead. That is exactly what Steve Keim would be looking for.

If Geno Smith came to the Cardinals, he likely wouldn't have Stedman Bailey coming with him, who is the wide receiver Kadar mentioned in the above tweet. Still, he would get Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Rob Housler and Andre Roberts to work with. I'm sure he could make due with that receiving corps.

So, how about it, Cardinals fans? Geno to AZ? Would you be in favor of the Cardinals taking him at seventh overall, should he fall? It sounds like Steve Keim would be.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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