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Bruce Arians thinks Michael Floyd is a "bright young star"

Michael Floyd appears to be in the future plans for the Arizona Cardinals, even with the coaching changes.


One of the bigger disappointments from last season was the lack of production from rookie first round pick, Michael Floyd. Much of it can be attributed to the poor play from the quarterbacks, but the fact that Floyd was not able to surpass Andre Roberts on the depth chart for the spot across from Larry Fitzgerald was somewhat alarming.

Despite that, it sounds like new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is a big fan of Floyd. Here is what he had to say from the NFL Combine yesterday, via Adam Caplan:

"I think he is a bright young star. He has to get better fundamentally. But he's physical, he's big, he's active. I loved him coming out. To see he and Larry across from each other, and Andre Roberts, that's a nice group. That's one position we don't have to worry about too much."

Much of the success the Cardinals will have in the passing game will depend on how Floyd performs in the coming seasons. He struggles to get separation at times and can make routine plays look overly difficult. That said, he also has a knack for making difficult plays look routine. If he can start coming into his own, that should take pressure off of Fitzgerald and allow him to perform better as well.

We know Floyd has the talent. That's why he was taken so high in the draft. Big things are going to be expected out of him and the new coaching staff should be able to get more production from him, especially if they fix the QB and offensive line first.

It's nice to see that the new head coach is a fan. Hopefully he can make the former Notre Dame receiver into a star.

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