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2013 NFL Draft: Dee Milliner's upcoming surgery could affect Arizona Cardinals' pick

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Many mock drafts have the defensive back going before Arizona's pick.

Wesley Hitt

He is not expected to be a pick for the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming NFL Draft, but a recent injury revelation could affect the Cards. Cornerback Dee Milliner is going to have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder after the NFL Scouting Combine.

Milliner is projected as high in the draft as the top five overall. Could this cause him to fall in the draft at all?

On of Milliner's reps insists that it will not affect his first NFL season. "The doctors have informed us that he will be 100 percent and fully recovered in time for training camp in July," said Tony Fleming about the young cornerback.

While at the Combine, he still plans on doing all the workouts except for the bench press.

While he is not expected to be available at number seven when the Cardinals make their first draft selection, if his stock falls, it could affect how the Cards go. He could fall to them or further, which means another talented target would come off the board before Arizona picks.

For his sake and for the Cards, here's hoping that Milliner is taken early. It means good things for him and a better lineman prospect or a quarterback target for our team.

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