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Arizona Cardinals 'expecting big things' and 'excited' about Ryan Williams, Beanie Wells

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Steve Keim and Bruce Arians talked about the running backs on their roster.


Arizona Cardinals general manager Steven Keim and head coach Bruce Arians both talked to the scores of media members in Indianapolis to cover the NFL Scouting Combine. Among the many things they were asked about, especially being new to their positions, they were asked about the running backs on their roster -- Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams.

The one thing that was brought up about both players was their health, but even with the injury concerns and general concern moving forward, both Arians and Keim sounded optimistic about both players.

We have already heard Arians gush about Williams. The love continued on Thursday.

"I actually ran the Pro Day there when all those guys came out and he was a fantastic athlete," he said. "He has to get healthy and we'll see how he fits. But as a running back, he's got what it takes."

As fans, we feel a lot of the same thing about him. Since he was drafted, there has just been something about Williams that makes you think that he will be something special.

Keim had more positive words about Williams.

"I saw Ryan in our weight room the other day and he's doing fantastic," he said. "He's a guy that, watching film with Bruce, because he got injured early in the season, you forgot the type of run skills Ryan had. We watched him against Philadelphia, we watched him against New England, his lateral quickness, his natural run skills, his avoidability is something he brings to the table. Plus he's a three down back. We're expecting big things out of Ryan moving forward."

Keim also had positive things to say about Beanie Wells, who struggled with injuries and effectiveness, his season ending with some controversial quotes and a fumble when he slipped and fell in the end zone.

"I think Beanie had a tough stretch this year because of the injuries," said Keim. "He showed a lot of grit, a lot of toughness late in the year when he was able to. He's had some injuries so he had a difficult time with his cut ability and his lateral movement but Beanie is still a big horse who can finish runs and create yardage after contract, which is something that excites us."

While it would not be surprising to see a running back drafted, but with words like "expecting big things" and "excited," you almost get the feeling that we should be expecting both of these backs in 2013 again, only with the hope that they both stay healthy.

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