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2013 NFL Draft: Is this year's QB class worse than 2007?

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One analyst believes that this is a bad year to try and fix your quarterback problems.

This year's QB class is viewed by many as weak. How weak? Frank Scelfo, the Jacksonville Jaguars new quarterbacks coach said that Blaine Gabbert would easily be the first QB drafted.

Fox Sports' Pete Schrager believes this class could be similar to 2007, where only Kevin Kolb has shown any promise at all out of the 10 quarterbacks drafted (which includes JaMarcus Russell, John Beck and Brady Quinn).

Schrager does not believe that Matt Barkley, Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson will be top flight guys in the NFL.

Is free agency any better?

Schrager says that Brian Hoyer is the top free agent quarterback on the market. He has started one game.

The good thing? These days drafting a quarterback in the first round that doesn't pan out doesn't cripple a team because rookie salaries are now reasonable. You can viably toss a guy to the curb after one season if he doesn't show you something. At the same time, if you miss on a first rounder, then you are setting your team talent back unless you find gems in the later rounds.

Is he right? I'm optimistic about most things, but I agree in free agency. There's just not much there other than backup material.

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