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Bruce Arians, Steve Keim want to build stronger roster, but optimistic about one already in place

The new Cardinals regime wants to ensure that they can make a better team to keep up with the rest of the NFC West, but they also feel that what they have now is a very good start.


Perhaps the most exciting part about the NFL Combine is that we, as fans and writers, get to hear what our team's front office personnel and coaches think about the incoming draft class. They also get to reflect a bit on the past season.

That is especially important for Cardinals fans, as we want to hear what Steve Keim, the new general manager, and Bruce Arians think about the state of the football team. While we all know that improvements need to be made (which Keim and Arians have repeatedly acknowledged) we also know that there is some great talent already on the roster.

The best part is, Keim and Arians seem to be on the same page as to where they feel the team is and where they want them to go, even though they were hired separately. Keim noted that Arians and the rest of the new staff were, "very, very excited about where we were from a roster standpoint."

"What probably stood out in my mind the most was how optimistic they were about our current players," Keim said from the NFL Combine (via NFL Draft Scout). "They came in and did a nice job studying our team, looked at all the tape, and when we had our initial meeting with them to talk about our players, I was pleasantly surprised with how many of our guys they really liked."

But really, what's not to like? As many have said, this team could be a quarterback and a couple of offensive linemen away from getting back into the playoffs. They have cornerstone pieces like Patrick Peterson, Daryl Washington and Calais Campbell on defense. On offense, your team always looks a bit better with a stud wide receiver corps including Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts.

It's comforting to know that the Cardinals are not only on the same page throughout every department, but that the page they are on is a good one. They believe this team has been built right and is ready for success both in the near and distant future.

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