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Levi Brown to switch to guard for the Arizona Cardinals?

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Is what many have been wanting to see for years finally going to happen?

Christian Petersen writer Darren Urban recently sat down with new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians from the site of the NFL Combine to have a chat with him about the upcoming NFL Draft, the state of the roster and to ask him a few fan questions.

Perhaps the most intriguing question actually came from a fan, who asked about the possibility of Cardinals tackle Levi Brown switching to the guard position. Many have thought that with his talent in the run blocking scheme of things, he would fare well at guard as opposed to tackle, where he is asked to protect the passer with greater skill.

So, Coach Arians decided to answer the question and as of right now, it seems like it may be something he has entertained, but it really depends on the personnel the Cardinals have as they enter the season.

"He is a talent. I don't think he'd have any problems playing guard, but tackles are harder to find," Arians said of Levi Brown. "Depending on what is available in the draft, free agency; the six or seven guys that we set up and suit up on Sunday, you like to have position flexibility. I would see him more as a left tackle/right tackle than a guard."

Despite Arians saying he sees Levi as more of a tackle than a guard, that does not preclude a switch from possibly happening. It really depends on the personnel they have going into the new season.

Many assume that the Cardinals could grab someone like Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher or Chance Warmack in the draft at the #7 spot, which would completely change the landscape of things. If it's Fisher or Joeckel, that would leave them to start right away at left tackle, kicking Levi either to guard or, perhaps, right tackle, which would oust Bobby Massie. If it's Warmack, that would leave Brown at left tackle with Nate Potter as his backup.

Right now, it seems that Levi is destined to be the team's left tackle, which is a good thing if he can revert to how he was playing at the end of the 2011 season. If not, I am sure this new coaching staff has a Plan B already installed.

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