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2/24 Arizona Cardinals news: Manti Te'o talks, more Peterson on offense

Start off the day with some Cardinals and NFL links.

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The NFL Scouting Combine continued on Saturday. There is some stuff to read about. Manti Te'o had his time with the media. No, he is not dating any real girl right now. But there is plenty of content to start the day off.

Read on!


Word From the Birds Blog | Maybe Peterson will throw, too
"I think Coach understands what type of player he has in me," Peterson said. "I think he knows I have the determination to make something special happen when I have my hands on the ball. I’m excited to see what would happen, if he decided to do something like that."

Barkley Fights For Draft Spot
USC QB probably would have gone high in 2012 but lost momentum in 2013

Te'o Talk And "First" Impressions
Tale of linebacker at combine underscores opportunity to win over NFL teams

Combine Chat: Head Coach Bruce Arians
Head coach Bruce Arians joins Darren Urban to answer fan questions from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Combine Chat: GM Steve Keim
Head coach Bruce Arians joins Darren Urban to answer fan questions from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Top left tackle prospects likely in high demand
With a few legit prospects in draft, teams seeking help at left tackle could find immediate impact.

Is there more magic in NFL draft?
Matt Barkley stayed in school to improve his draft position


Mike McCarthy seems to be confused about Texas A&M's offense -
Mike McCarthy is sending coaches to Texas A&M to study the read option ... but why?

Linemen run the 40 at the Combine, set to Chariots of Fire -
There was only one thing to do with video of a bunch of linemen running a 40. So of course we set it to the best soundtrack.

2013 NFL Combine, day 2: 'Best player available' and other lies -
The second day of the Scouting Combine was all finding players, not just any players, the best players.

NFL Combine 2013: Adversity helped shape Tyler Wilson -
Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson learned a lot about himself when the Razorbacks failed to meet expectations during his senior season.

Mike Mayock likes big butts -
The NFL Network's draft guru prefers a big caboose on his offensive linemen.

2013 NFL Combine: Running backs show power, versatility and consistency -
The 2013 running back class is deep and talented with a wide variety of skill sets that NFL coaches will find attractive. When it comes to the big names at the running back position in the draft, they bring power, versatility and consistency.

Hakeem Nicks injury: Giants WR has knee surgery -
Hakeem Nicks exemplified the Giant's offensive struggles in 2012, never recovering from a knee injury sustained in Week 2. The Giants are counting on him next year, and after knee surgery he may be back to full speed.

2013 NFL Combine: Chuck Pagano in good health and good humor -
Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano addressed the media on Friday at the 2013 NFL Combine, assuring everyone that he was healthy and happy.

2013 NFL Combine: Players to watch in Saturday's workouts -
The biggest names to keep an eye on during Saturday's workouts.

Rob Chudzinski is so excited -
For Toledo native Rob Chudzinski, coaching the Browns is a dream come true, we think.

Alex Smith trade rumors: Cardinals, Chiefs in play for 49ers QB, per report -
The 49ers are yet to get involved in serious trade discussions about Alex Smith, but the Chiefs and Cardinals could be among the most interested teams.

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