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Alex Smith trade reportedly in place, 49ers waiting for league year to begin to complete it

Some speculate it might be with the Cardinals, but no one locally is saying anything.


One of the big stories for this NFL offseason is what will happen with quarterback Alex Smith. After losing his starting job with the San Francisco 49ers, all signs point to his being traded or being released. With several teams looking to upgrade at the quarterback position, a few teams, including the Arizona Cardinals could be possible suitors for Smith's services.

However, if reports are true, all the fun chatter that would accompany trade rumors and speculation of a release and visits with other teams is dead. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported that the 49ers have a deal in place for Smith but is waiting for March 12 when the transaction can be made.

Immediately people began thinking about the Chiefs, the Browns and the Cardinals. Apparently the Browns are out, say Cleveland Plains Dealer reporter Mary Kay Cabot.

As for the possibility that it is the Cardinals, there has bee no local chatter at all, which would lend itself to be that they are not the team.

Is it Kansas City? It would clear some things up for them. They would have the starting quarterback and then they could use their number one pick in the draft to take someone like Luke Joeckel, the heralded left tackle. The Chiefs already have some talented skill players and add a potentially elite left tackle, and you have a similar recipe for Alex Smith success.

If the deal is in fact going to happen, that takes the Smith possibility off the table for the Cards.

Where does that leave them? It would take the best available quarterback out of consideration, leaving Kevin Kolb (with a restructured contract), some unheralded free agent or a rookie as the candidates to be the Cards' guy. In other words, the situation is not any better than before.

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