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NFL Draft 2013: Geno Smith has met with the Arizona Cardinals

At the NFL Combine this week, Geno Smith, quarterback from West Virginia, said he has already met with the Arizona Cardinals.


While the rumors about Matt Barkley and how much the Cardinals enjoyed interviewing him may be the topic of discussion, some (including myself) feel it is all smoke and mirrors. Barkley simply doesn't feel like a good fit for this franchise and I'm not sure they can risk drafting another USC quarterback as high as the seventh overall pick.

A guy that they might be more interested in is Geno Smith from West Virginia. His ability to throw the ball deep and make plays with his feet (albeit, not to the extent of a Colin Kaepernick or Russel Wilson) should have the Cards intrigued. And it seems like they might be.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Smith is rated as the top quarterback on many people's draft boards and could be the guy the Cardinals feel could put them over the top. If he came in, he would start right away and probably be a better option than anyone currently on the team's roster, including Kevin Kolb, who would likely be released should Smith be drafted by Arizona.

The question is whether or not the first six teams are going to pass him up. He isn't considered the type of elite prospect that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were last season, but teams needing a QB are going to be inclined to reach for him. That could include a team drafting behind the Cardinals trading up to secure Smith.

If the Cardinals do have interest in drafting a quarterback this year, I highly doubt it's going to be Barkley. Geno Smith is the name everyone should be keeping in mind.

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