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Alex Smith trade rumors: San Francisco 49ers apparently do not have a deal in place

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Just what you would expect this time of year -- a false alarm!

Ezra Shaw

On Sunday, the NFL was abuzz with the hottest trade rumor regarding arguably the top quarterback to be available this offseason -- the San Francisco 49ers had a trade agreement "effective in place" for Alex Smith. Another report even said that it was in fact with the Kansas City Chiefs for a third round draft pick, and that the Niners were trying to amass more pick to then trade with the Minnesota Vikings for Percy Harvin. That particular report did not have any credence to it, but apparently neither did the report by Jason La Canfora, who originally reported the alleged trade.

We can officially put the brakes on, at least for a while until the next rumor pops up. Matt Barrow of the Sacramento Bee (he is their 49ers beat guy) says that the rumor is nothing more than a lie.

Of course, is there any team that is telling the truth about anything this time of year? Since nothing can happen anyway in the way of trade transactions until March 12, all we are left with are these reports, fabricated or not.

What does this mean for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans? It means that Smith might still be available, or that he might get released. Since many fans would like to see him playing for the Cardinals in 2012, their hopes are still alive. For those that do not, they may remain anxious that he might end up here. For the rest of us, let's just enjoy the ride, because it is always more fun to have something to talk about than not, right?

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