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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Despite Matt Barkley hype, Cardinals still go OL

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Once again a left tackle is the projection for the Arizona Cardinals.


Over the weekend, the first big rumor started about the Arizona Cardinals and the seventh pick in the NFL Draft. People believed that USC quarterback Matt Barkley would be the guy. However, it would be impossible to know for sure what player a team is going to take yet. However, mock draft projections still could put Barkley in Arizona.

The latest mock draft by SB Nation has more reasonable minds prevailing, with the Cards once again taking Central Michgan's Eric Fisher.

The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback, and the Matt Barkley chatter heated up at the combine, but Eric Fisher makes more sense. The offensive line in Arizona is a mess, and Fisher could be plugged in to prove an immediate upgrade. Mike Mayock recently noted that the gap between Joeckel and Fisher isn't as large as some think.

Drafting Fisher could move Levi Brown inside or over to the right side, with Bobby Massie moving inside, or the team could keep Brown at left tackle and use Fisher inside for a year before letting Levi Brown go.

At this point, Eric Fisher is a pick that most here would be okay with. I know I am.

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