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Is Tyler Bray an option for the Arizona Cardinals?

New, comments suggests that Bray would thrive in Bruce Arians' system.


Earlier today, you saw a post here on ROTB about the Cardinals and their interest in 49ers QB Alex Smith. As I said there, I don't think the trade ends up happening for a variety of reasons, mainly due to the fact that these teams are in the same division.

So if the Cardinals don't land Alex Smith, what is their Plan B? Well, how about drafting a signal caller? More specifically, how about Tyler Bray? Bucky Brooks of thinks he could be a very good fit in Arizona.

Bruce Arians' preference for the long ball makes Bray a viable option in Arizona. The Tennessee star possesses the physical tools to thrive in an offense that features the vertical game; he can execute as a dropback passer from under center or in the shotgun.

Additionally, the spread formations favored by Arians will open up the field for Bray, allowing him to play the game in a Ben Roethlisberger-like fashion. Although Bray certainly doesn't showcase the athleticism or improvisational skills of the two-time Super Bowl champ, he does share the gunslinger mentality that produces big numbers in the Arians system.

Kent Somers noted in his Alex Smith article that the Cardinals are "likely to draft a quarterback in the first three rounds" so Bray would fit into that category. Many see him being selected somewhere in the third or fourth round. That way, the Cardinals can use their earlier picks to fill other large holes on their roster while drafting their QB of the future later on.

Many have mentioned names like Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon in connection with the Cards. They are two more big armed quarterbacks that Arizona could have interest in come April.

Brooks goes as far as to say that Bray could be the steal of the draft and that if his mechanics are corrected, which is something Arians and his staff could presumably do, he could be a very productive player.

What do you think? Tyler Bray to the Arizona Cardinals? Tell us in the comments section below.

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