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Video: Making the case for Matt Barkley on the Arizona Cardinals

One of the local media has officially set up camp in Team Barkley

If you had to pick who is the most polarizing draft prospect in this year's NFL Draft, it probably would be USC quarterback Matt Barkley. He could have been one of the top picks a year ago, but went back to school for his senior year to try and win a national title. Not only did that not happen, USC finished 7-6 and Barkley did not have the same success that he had previously.

Being from USC, you cannot help but compare him to players like Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, Matt Cassell and Carson Palmer. None of them, except for Palmer to some extent, have prove to be much in the NFL.

He is a player that fans either love or love to hate.

In the above video from AZCentral, Dan Bickley is all in with Barkley. He loves his vision, his poise and how grounded he is. He wants to be the face of a team, and wants to put in the work. This isn't the same guy as Matt Leinart, who for his first couple of years in Arizona, was more of a party guy.

Bickley raises some nice points. Do you agree?

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