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2013 NFL Free Agency: Greg Toler in talks with Cardinals, has interest from other teams

One of the Cardinals' key free agents will have offers elsewhere, it looks like


The Arizona Cardinals do not have a big free agents on the market this year, but probably their biggest is cornerback Greg Toler. According the Arizona Republic's Kent Somers, the Cardinals are already speaking with Toler and his representatives, and things have been positive.

Toler missed several games this season with nagging injuries, especially a hamstring, a season after not play at all in 2011 because of a torn ACL in his knee. However, in his time on the field this past season, he made a big impact.

Other teams have noticed. He is getting interest from other teams. The Washington Redskins have expressed interest in Toler. The New York Giants consider him a potential free agent target.

While he is not a big name, he will be a great pickup for whatever team lands him. If healthy, he is a good number one cornerback and a fantastic number two. He has size and speed, he can tackle and is very good in coverage. If you recall, he was the starter ahead of Patrick Peterson in 2011 before he got hurt.

Yes he has missed some games with injury. However, I do not equate his situation with Kevin Kolb's. Kolb has had a myriad of different injuries -- his head, toe and ribs on separate occasions. Toler's knee had issues. He missed a year and had nagging leg injuries that were related to coming back after a full season off and compensating for the knee. When I spoke to him in the locker room after practice about halfway through the season, he told me it was all about his legs getting used to the game again.

Because of that, I fully expect him to have a great 2013. I don't think the injuries will be a problem, and that he will make an impact.

I know that the Cards have William Gay on the roster for another season. Toler is a better option on the outside. Gay can play in the nickel. The Cards also have Jamell Fleming and Justin Bethel in the wings.

If you didn't get the picture, I want Toler back. He could be the best corner on many teams. Having Toler and Peterson both on the field could be something special.

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