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Alex Smith traded to the Chiefs, Matt Cassel perhaps now on Cardinals' radar

San Francisco gets a pair of draft picks for their former starting quarterback. Matt Cassel is now likely going to be made available.

Ralph Freso

After rumors that the San Francisco 49ers had a deal in place for quarterback Alex Smith, and then that the Arizona Cardinals had interest as well, the Niners and the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a trade that will send Smith to the Chiefs in exchange for draft picks.

After the initial report, it was then revealed what exactly the Chiefs are giving up. They give the Niners a second rounder in this year's draft and a conditional pick in 2014. It is a third rounder that could become a second rounder.

Of course, the trade cannot actually take place until March 12, when the new league year begins.

The Cardinals showed at least interest in Smith, but apparently were not willing to give up anything close to what the Chiefs did. However, in losing one quarterback from the market, another has likely become available or will soon be available. With the trade for Smith, Matt Cassel is now expendable, and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Arizona could be a player in acquiring him.

Cassel's career has been rocky. He led the New England Patriots to an 11-5 season and, in his second season with the Chiefs, led them to the playoffs. He also has had three very forgettable seasons.

How would he fare in Arizona? He has had more success than Kevin Kolb, but he has had some of the same inconsistencies and also has lost time with a concussion. Is he a better "door number two" than Matt Flynn, Matt Moore or a rookie? We will find out what Bruce Arians and his staff think soon enough.

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