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Arizona Cardinals not expected to pursue any big name free agents this year

Besides two years ago when the Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb and made a splash in free agency, this will be a typical offseason for Arizona.


The Arizona Cardinals have never really been a team that likes to make a big splash in free agency. Sure, they dabble in it here and there, picking up veterans that can add something to their team. But rarely, if ever, do they sign stars looking to change teams to big deals.

This year will likely be no different. Evan Silva of NBC Sports and Rotoworld does not expect any of the top 50 free agents set to hit the market on March 12 to wind up in Arizona. While the Cardinals could improve their pass rush and offensive line, they will likely opt to do that via the draft, not through free agency.

Even if the Cardinals wanted to add a big name guy via free agency, it might be a bit more difficult to do than you think. By the time they sign their rookies, they will be about $7 million over the cap. That means they already have quite a few cuts that they need to make and, if they want to sign other free agents, more cuts will be in store.

It has been tradition for the Cardinals to let others teams spend their money on free agents. New general manager Steve Keim recently referred to free agency as a "trap" in that you can end up spending big money on a guy that might not even fit on your team or have motivation to play at a high level anymore.

While it would be nice to be able to sign a Ryan Clady or an Anthony Spencer to upgrade their team, it just isn't feasible. The Cardinals will sign some free agents because that is apart of the game. Just don't expect any of them to be world class.

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