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Ryan Mallett rumors: New England Patriots backup quarterback not coming to Arizona Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals are looking for a quarterback, but apparently they do not want the Patriots' backup.

Jamie McDonald

We all know that the Arizona Cardinals are looking to improve the quarterback position on their team. They lost out on Alex Smith when he was traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Kansas City Chiefs, although the were never going to give up nearly what the Chiefs did for Smith.

The Cardinals also took themselves out of the running for another quarterback. Among rumors that the new England Patriots could be shopping backup quarterback Ryan Mallett, XTRA 910's Mike Jurecki reported that the Cardinals are not interested in the 2011 third round pick.

The Patriots were not "actively shopping" Mallett, but other rumors said they would probably expect at least a third round pick, which was the round Mallett was selected originally.

Mallett has thrown professional passes, completing one. With Tom Brady signing a three-year extension, Mallett's chances at being a starter for the Patriots became very slim.

Cardinals general manager Steve Keim has previously said that the team "would exhaust every resource" to figure out the quarterback position. Since the team has shot down the Mallett connection before it really even started, clearly Mallett is not viewed as much of an option out of "door number two."

Should the team have at least inquired?

Luckily, if the you are in the market for a Tom Brady backup, Brian Hoyer is available, the team has tape on him and they won't have to trade anything for him.

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