Snyder, Kolb's (Body) Guard

Well, Adam Snyder is done with the Kevin Kolb bashing, he's heard enough. And if anyone starts talking more crap about it he's going to, like you know, actually block someone. (Don't make him do it, it's unchartered ground.)

Kent Somers retweeted Synder's twits that he's tired of people watching a game and coming up with what the eyes actually told them instead of listening to a spin:

"Kevin is a hell of a leader and a great football player. It is our job to let him show his potential. We will be better all of us."

First of all, Kolb is a leader in his own way. He's a gym-rat and was raised by a coach. I have no doubt that he has the respect of the team in the huddle. But performance is what truly gets respect and there Kolb is lacking. Many opinions blame the offensive the line for the last two years truncating his ability, but guess what? Other than Batiste, this more than likely will be the same offensive line blocking for him the last two seasons that saw him feel the slightest pressure and run right (why never left?), before throwing it away. (Though, I think it has more to do with a schematic issue of Kolb being more of a WCO passer.)

Then Snyder kicked in another quote:

" I know I'm sick of hearing about it. He has everything you want in a QB. I've seen it first hand."

Yep, playing RG gives you a first hand look at your QB coming up on your blindside on a passing play.

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