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Super Bowl picks against the spread: Ravens are the popular pick

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The picks of a few of our writers going up against the Vegas spread.


The Super Bowl is here with all its glory. It is the biggest betting day for the football season. Picks, prop bets and more, Vegas makes a killing. For the actual football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, the spread is four points. The Niners are the favorite. What do we think?

Jess Root:

It would appear on paper that the 49ers have almost every advantage, but it is hard to ignore what the Ravens have done this postseason. They have knocked off Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. It looks quite similar to what the New York Giants did last year and the New Orleans Saints not long ago. The Saints knocked outKurt Warner, Brett Favre and Manning to win the championship. The Giants beat the Packers, one of the league's best offenses and the Niners, the league's top defense before knocking off the Patriots. The Ravens have that sort of vibe going, and their vertical attack will be able to exploit the one thing that the Niners don't do defensively. My pick? Take the points. If the Ravens don't win, it will be awful close.

Tyler Nickel:

I'll take the Ravens and the points. I think that with the way Joe Flacco is throwing the ball right now and the Ravens wanting to play for Ray Lewis, everything is pointing their way. I don't think the 49ers secondary matches up well with Baltimore's group of receivers and that should create a nice mismatch. Everyone has continued to doubt them since people started going down with injury, but now is the time to think they will win it all.

Randy Fields:

The 49ers are beatable, and showed it when it was 17-3 going into the half in Atlanta. Kaepernick was able to lead them back in that game, but that is as much a failing of the Falcon's defense as much as his performance. I'm not buying into Colin Kaepernick being a rookie and having huge nerves about the upcoming game, Oh wait, yes I am. This is the Super Bowl. I recently read an article about Joe Montana hyperventilating at his first Super Bowl appearance. Follow that up with a couple of tough media appearances for the young QB and I think there is a ton of pressure on him. Follow that up with Reverend Ray Lewis preaching his defense into their final battle, following a decisive victory that shut down the Patriots Offense in the second half of their last game. Ravens win.

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