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Super Bowl 2013: Who are you rooting for?

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We look at the reasons why Arizona Cardinals fans should lean one way or another for the big game

Patrick Smith

The Super Bowl will begin this afternoon and unfortunately for us the Arizona Cardinals are not playing. After having seen the team make it once, it makes us hungry for more. However, most of us will still be watching the game, whether it be for the game itself, for the tradition of getting together or for just a reason to down a few adult beverages.

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Most of us will root for one team over the other. If you haven't picked a side for this game alone, here are some reasons to go either way.

You should root for the Ravens because...

  1. John Harbaugh is the less annoying of the Harbaugh coaches.
  2. Anquan Boldin, one of the best players the Cardinals had, is in Baltimore.
  3. Ray Lewis getting a ring as he says goodbye to football is a better storyline than anyone that the Niners have.
  4. As a Cardinals fans, it feels impossible to root for the 49ers.
  5. The Ravens have former ASU star Terrell Suggs
You should root for the 49ers because...
  1. The Niners are in the NFC West, and you should want our division to be on top.
  2. The quick turnaround from crap to champs would be a bit of a symbol of what we hope the Cardinals do.
  3. The Niners have former ASU player Kyle Williams
  4. If the Niners win, perhaps they will be more willing to release Alex Smith, whom the Cardinals could then sign to play quarterback for them.
  5. You would rather see Patrick Willis, who really is the best linebacker in football, get a ring than Ray Lewis, who already has his.
If I had to guess, most of us are going to root for the Ravens for one reason -- we HATE the Niners and everything that they represent.

Who are you rooting for and why? Tell us about it.