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Super Bowl 2013: What are doing for the big game? [open thread]

Tell us about how you do the big game?

Matt Ludtke

Today is all about the Super Bowl. We know that. There isn't much in the way of Cardinals news today, so let's focus on the big game.

Since we are a community, let us share a bit. What are your plans for the football game?

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Plans for me and my family? We are heading over to my sister's house. It will be my family (wife and four kids) with my sister's family (hubby and two kids), my brother and his girlfriend, my friend and his family (wife and four kids) and my brother-in-law's friend and his wife.

We all are pitching in with the food. I am making pizzas on French bread. My bro-in-law is making wings.

My family, though, won't get there until right before kickoff -- we have church in the afternoon and get out at four. So we get that religious stuff taken care of and then head on over for the game.

Lots of people, kids, food and football.

That's my kind of evening.

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