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Arizona Cardinals tabbed as best drafting team over the past decade

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National Football Post, through a series of individual tests, has concluded that the Arizona Cardinals have drafted better than any other team over the past ten years.

Win McNamee

Perhaps the greatest part about the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl was seeing former Arizona Cardinal Anquan Boldin finally get that ring that he barely missed out on in 2008. He played phenomenally in the big game and will go down as one of the better receivers the Cardinals have ever had.

It's not just Boldin, either. We see a lot of former Cardinals draftees go on to have excellent careers, whether that is in Arizona or not. That is why National Football Post put together a piece regarding which teams have had the most success over the past decade with their drafting and the Cards came out on top.

Yep, that's right. The Arizona Cardinals have drafted better than any other team in the NFL over the past ten years. They came in third when looking at the past five years.

NFP used total numbers of games started, number of players active for the 2012 season, average share of annual starts and Pro Bowl honors as a way to figure it all out. By looking at the Cardinals' success, especially in years like 2003 and 2004 where mainstays Larry Fitzgerald and Darnell Dockett were drafted, they deduced that the Cardinals have been the best.

NFP also brought up guys like Calvin Pace, Antonio Smith, Karlos Dansby and Boldin as guys who have gone on to have success elsewhere in the league.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Not many teams have that many players still on their rosters dating back from the 2003 season, especially considering the average life of an NFL career is only about 4 years. The Cards have managed to retain the guys they wanted to (Adrian Wilson, Fitz, Dockett), while allowing others to seek lucrative contracts elsewhere. You don't see that from many other teams.

As NFP also noted, you don't really see any quarterbacks on that list, which is unfortunate. If the Cardinals could be as good at drafting that position as they are at all the rest, they might even have something greater right now.

So hopefully the next decade looks very similar to this one, only with more Super Bowl victories this time around. Guys like Q deserve a ring, but they deserve to get it right here in the desert.

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