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Arizona Cardinals offense mocked at NFL Honors ceremony

Host Alec Baldwin pokes fun a many players and teams. The Cardinals were one of them.

On Saturday in New Orleans, the NFL held its award ceremony to recognize the players with the highest individual achievements. Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin was there to host it and opened the presentations with a very funny, and sometimes uncomfortable monologue.

He poked fun and applauded the performance of many players, but you could tell that the players in the audience were at times uncomfortable, because their player brothers, and sometimes teammates were the butt of the jokes.

The Arizona Cardinals actually were mentioned:

"Larry Fitzgerald did not show up tonight," said Baldwin. "Now he has way too much in common with the rest of the Arizona Cardinals offense."

Funny, but sad.

I would say that Baldwin mocked the Cardinals offense, but it would better said that the Cardinals offense poorly mocked an offense at all.

Hopefully that changes in 2013, but at least we got to laugh at a few things.

Funny moments:

  • "The burden of being the more successful brother. You get what I'm talking about, right Eli?" as he refers to Eli Manning and his two rings and Peyton who has just one.
  • Baldwin poking fun at Robert Griffin III and how he realized he wasn't in every single commercial.
  • Baldwin applauds the comeback of Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning, and then says, "at the sound of 'comeback,' Brett Favre woke up. Go back to sleep, Brett."

Uncomfortable moments:

  • Baldwin making fun of Rob Gronkowski, referring to the "drinking, dancing and nudity" in New Orleans.
  • Twice Adrian Peterson looked uncomfortable. Once when Baldwin said he carried the whole team on his back for four months. The other was when Baldwin made fun of Christian Ponder, saying he came up with "Pondering," which is standing in the middle of the field wondering what he is doing there while being awed by Peterson.

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