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2/4 Arizona Cardinals news: Super Bowl commercial to say thanks

Your Cards and NFL links to start the day

Mike Ehrmann

The Arizona Cardinals were not part of the Super Bowl, and not much was going on. Patrick Peterson and Calais Campbell were in a commercial, though. Here is what happened in the Cards news.


Behind the Scenes: Cards in Superbowl Commercial
Go behind the scenes with Patrick Peterson and Calais Campbell during the shooting of the Thank You Fans Superbowl Commercial.

Word From the Birds Blog | A Super thank you from two Cards’ stars
The Cardinals were one of the teams, with Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson the hidden surprises in the box. Our video team was on hand as the NFL shot the Cards’ part of the commercial, and put together this great behind the scenes video.

McCarron, Dockett back at it on Twitter
After Dockett again tweet-hits on McCarron's girlfriend, Alabama quarterback calls him out.


Super Bowl 2013 pregame show: Variety takes the stage -
From the die-hard football fan to the average joe, there's something for everyone in the Super Bowl pregame show.

Super Bowl Odds and Prop Bets 2013 -
SB Nation is a collection of over 300 individual communities, each offering high quality year-round coverage and conversation led by fans who are passionate about their favorite teams, leagues or sports. By empowering fans, SB Nation has become the largest and fastest growing grassroots sports network.

Super Bowl commercials 2013, for all y'all consumerists and total suckers out there -
Look at you. You're looking up commercials on purpose, when you could be reading a book or something. Well, we're not out to judge. Here are some ads from this year's Super Bowl, you simpleton.

Super Bowl 2013, Ravens vs. 49ers live blog -
Touchdowns, commercials, popular musical acts that everyone at your party will enjoy ... we're going to hit all of it in SB Nation's Super Bowl live blog. We might even talk about football.

Super Bowl 2013 power outage: Lights out at the Superdome -
The power went out in the third quarter of the Super Bowl, delaying the game for at least 20 minutes.

Super Bowl halftime show 2013: Beyonce wins! -
The Super Bowl halftime show featured Beyonce this year, and it won't soon be forgotten.

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