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Former Arizona Cardinals RB Stump Mitchell reportedly to join Bruce Arians' coaching staff

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He will take the place of Todd McNair, who originally was the guy to be the RB coach.

On a day in which the only real news was connected to the Super Bowl, there was one tidbit of news that came out earlier in the day that deals with the new coaching staff for the Arizona Cardinals. Despite previous reports that Todd McNair would be the team's new running backs coach under head coach Todd McNair, it was reported by Mike Jurecki of XTRA910 that Stump Mitchell is expected to be named to the position rather than McNair.

McNair was connected to the position previously, but apparently said a couple of days ago he would not be taking the job. He currently has a case against the NCAA that is connected to his losing his job with USC after the Reggie Bush scandal took place. He was, though, on the short list of candidates for the Cardinals job, as noted Jurecki in another tweet.

Now the team will turn to Mitchell, whom Cards fans will remember, as he played for the Cardinals as the team's starting running back when the team moved from St. Louis to Phoenix.

He has coached running backs in the NFL, as well as head coaching stints in high school and college. He did so for the Seattle Seahawks 1999-2007 and the Washington Redskins from 2008-2009.

Mitchell and head coach Bruce Arians have not crossed paths in coaching or playing on the same team, from what I could find. He would be one of only a couple of coaches on the staff that did not either coach with or play for Arians.

What do you think of the hire?

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