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Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Patrick Peterson, Calais Campbell thank loyal Cardinals fans

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Two Arizona Cardinals were on TV during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever dreamed about an afternoon with some Arizona Cardinals players? Some local families got that chance, and it was shown during the Super Bowl. As part of an NFL ad campaign to thank fans for their support, Patrick Peterson and Calais Campbell were surprise gifts for some lucky season ticketholders.

It was aired on a commercial during the Super Bowl and you can also see it here.

A behind the scenes video was filmed by the Arizona Cardinals video team. Watch that here.

The question is...what would you have them do if you had the afternoon with Campbell and Peterson? One family played cards. With another family, Campbell and Peterson made lunch and baked cookies.

If you had them for a day, what would you do? Give them a yelling pep talk before a game, go to a friend's house, watch a movie, play a quick game of catch? What would you do?

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