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Arizona Cardinals given low odds to win Super Bowl in 2014

The Cardinals are a 100:1 shot to win the big game in 2014.

Christian Petersen

Even with the change in head coach and the entire staff around him, the Cardinals still don't figure to do too well in 2014, according to Vegas.

RJ Bell of has the Cardinals at 100:1 odds of winning the Super Bowl next season, tied with the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans. The only teams lower are the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars, both at 150:1.

Oddly enough, the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets both have better chances of winning it all, as they are listed at 50:1. Neither team currently has a quarterback worth a penny on their roster, so I found that to be a bit disheartening.

Of course, the team with the greatest odds are the New England Patriots at 7:1, followed by the 49ers and Broncos at 8:1. The most recent champs, the Baltimore Ravens, are listed at 14:1 odds. Cardinals divisional rivals fared as the Seahawks are a 16:1 favorite and the Rams are an overrated 50:1.

These odds are bound to change a bit as the draft and free agency change the landscape of the league. If the Cardinals end up taking a quarterback in an early round, I would suspect that their odds increase a bit.

So go ahead and place $10 down on your favorite team. Who knows, maybe at the end of the season, you'll be able to not only celebrate a Cardinals Super Bowl victory, but possibly an extra $1,000 in your pocket as well.

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