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2/5 Arizona Cardinals news: A big Boldin mistake

Today's links with a little bit of Cardinals news.


The day after the Super Bowl did not bring much news, but Kurt Warner was stirring the pot a bit when he said that the Cards make a mistake trading Anquan Boldin. Oh, well. Here are today's links.


Word From the Birds Blog | Defense wins championships(?)
Defenses win championships. Except it’s not true. Is it any wonder, then, that teams were looking for offensive head coaches?

Warner: Cardinals made mistake in trading Boldin
Among those who felt the trade was a mistake three years ago: former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.


Detroit Lions release Titus Young - Pride Of Detroit
The Detroit Lions have parted ways with wide receiver Titus Young.

What is Alex Smith doing right now? Feb. 4 -
The Super Bowl is over and it's time for everyone to go home. Even Alex.

Super Bowl 2013: Roger Goodell, NFL respond to Super Dome blackout -
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday discussed the power failure that delayed Super Bowl XLVII nearly an hour.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Super Bowl mock brings changes -
The draft order is set, and the mock drafting has begun.

Super Bowl 2013: Blackout highlights surreal, entertaining evening -
Super Bowl 47 featured one of the more entertaining games in Super Bowl history. People will be talking about it for years to come, but much of that talk will surround a 30-minute blackout in the third quarter.

Super Bowl 2013's best and worst commercials -
Super Bowl commercials are usually spiritually hollow and ought to be forgotten. There were a few exceptions Sunday night, though. Here, we take a look back at the best, worst, and funniest ads from Super Bowl XLVII.

A night in Charm City -
The Ravens Super Bowl was interrupted by a blackout in New Orleans and nearly turned into the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history. What was it like in Baltimore?

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